If you are looking for clarinet or piano lessons you are in the right place!  I  teach at my home in Central  Canterbury Kent. 

Clarinissimo is dedicated to excellence in music tuition, and especially the clarinet. Above all, we understand that learning a musical instrument is not just about acquiring a skill for life but it should be fun too!

We offer clarinet lessons  for children and adults, from beginner to diploma standard,  and piano lessons to grade 4.

Music lessons

  • Playing an Instrument is good for you!
  • Children who learn an instrument generally do better at school.
  • The best way to get you or your child away from screens
  • Playing an instrument requires practice. A child will need parental support for this.
  • Playing an instrument is fun!


  • Beginner to diploma.
  • Approximately age 7 (children with big enough hands) to adult.
  • If you already play the clarinet, or did when you were younger, why not take it up again?
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  • Beginner to grade 4
  • Approximately age 6 to adult
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First musical experience

  • A fun based introduction to music making.
  • Suitable for children who are not quite old enough for school and those in reception. 
  • Pitch, rhythm and notation games.
  • Songs
  • Recorder 
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Testimonials & Recommendations

“Genessa West is The Best”

After playing clarinet for about four years with another teacher and attaining grade 4/5 in music ability. I had reached a stalemate in my playing and instead of giving up, decided to try another teacher. I found Genessa on the Music Teachers’ UK website and started weekly clarinet lessons with her in April 2019. Initially Genessa identified that I had picked up some bad habits and that my clarinet was not fit for purpose, she helped me select a new clarinet. Genessa is patient, encouraging, supportive and has a vast degree of knowledge of music, in playing (both solo and ensembles – e.g. Tallis Winds) and in teaching and recommending suitable compositions. Genessa also arranges and publishes music via Maskarade Music. As a mature student, I am not interested in sitting for grade exams but under Genessa’s guidance, I believe that my playing has improved and I now play grade 5/6/7 music. I would highly recommend her as a teacher


Genessa has been teaching our 6 year old piano & recorder for nearly a year. Genessa is an excellent teacher, who ensures that learning an instrument is always fun and rewarding. She splits each lesson into piano, recorder, music theory, and occasionally singing, which really helps to keep my child enthusiastic and engaged. Our Daughter loves performing the music she’s learnt during lessons, and we’ve been so impressed with her progress, that our youngest has also just started having lessons too. We would highly recommend Genessa.


Genessa taught our son music from the age of 5 until 13 , when she relocated to Canterbury. As a result of Genessa’s aim high yet fun approach he quickly developed a love of music and performing . Under her encouragement and guidance he moved swiftly from recorder to clarinet and then also embraced the saxophone. During this time he attained Grade 6 clarinet, Grade 5 saxophone and a music scholarship to one of his chosen 11+ schools. My son talks of her as an inspiration.


We have known Genessa for more than fifteen years through her teaching clarinet and saxophone to our daughter Eleanor. She made music fun and relevant. Eleanor always  looked forward to and loved her lessons with Genessa and through her expert tuition and enthusiasm she  led and encouraged  our daughters’  music success  through to grade 8 clarinet , a teaching, diploma in clarinet and  grade 5 sax.


I started lessons with Genessa when I was about 11, and over the years she has guided me through several graded exams and a performance diploma. Genessa is an experienced teacher, and teaches with an extremely personable and approachable style that helps make lessons relaxed and enjoyable.


Genessa taught my son to play the piano between the age of 6-9yrs before relocating to Canterbury.  She is truly gifted at teaching, and has the ability to draw out the talent of even the shiest of pupils.  Her warm nature, sunny disposition and gentle approach bring confidence and ability to those she teaches.  She will often allow her pupils to guide her towards their own style of music, whether they wish to study for exam pieces or purely for pleasure.  Seeing them progress into confident musicians and enjoying music is always her aim.