Music lessons

  • Playing an Instrument is good for you!
  • Children who learn an instrument generally do better at school.
  • The best way to get you or your child away from screens
  • Playing an instrument requires practice. A child will need parental support for this.
  • Playing an instrument is fun!


  • Beginner to diploma.
  • Approximately age 7 (children with big enough hands) to adult.
  • If you already play the clarinet, or did when you were younger, why not take it up again?
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  • Beginner to grade 4
  • Approximately age 6 to adult
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First musical experience

  • A fun based introduction to music making.
  • Suitable for children who are not quite old enough for school and those in reception. 
  • Pitch, rhythm and notation games.
  • Songs
  • Recorder 
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